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What should we pay attention to in aluminium alloy oxidation

Aluminum alloy rigid oxidation hangers and fixtures should have sufficient mechanical strength and stiffness to prevent parts from being washed down by jet solution when stirring electrolyte. In addition, aluminium alloy hard oxide hangers should have good contact conductivity, light weight, durability, easy handling, loading and parts layout should be appropriate requirements. There are two types of hard oxidizing hangers: one is clamp with pressing screw, the other is clamp with bolt to connect splint or clamp. All the contacts with the parts are made of Al, Al-Mg alloy and Al-Si-Mg alloy. In addition to the conductive requirements of the contact parts, the other parts should be insulated from the hangers to make them non-conductors, so that the oxidation process can be concentrated on the parts, improving production efficiency, saving metal materials and energy consumption of the hangers.

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