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  •     The numerical control lathe is a machine tool which mainly moves with workpiece rotation and moves with feed movement to process the rotating surface.  It can be used to process various rotary molding surfaces, such as inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, inner and outer threads, and end surfaces, grooves, knurling, etc.  It is one of the most widely used metal cutting machines, with the longest production history and the most varieties.  There are many types and models of numerical control lathes. According to their uses, the structure can be divided into instrument lathes, horizontal lathes, single-axis automatic lathes, multi-axis automatic and semi-automatic lathes, turret lathes, vertical lathes, multi-tool semi-automatic lathes, specialized lathes, etc.  In recent years, computer technology has been widely used in machine tool manufacturing, with the emergence of electromechanical integration products such as CNC lathes and turning centers.

     The numerical control machine tool consists of the following parts:

     1, the host machine, he is the main body of the numerical control machine tool, including machine body, column, spindle, feed mechanism and other mechanical parts.  He is a mechanical part used to complete various cutting processes.

     2. The numerical control device is the core of the numerical control machine tool, including hardware ( printed circuit board, CRT display, key box, paper tape reader, etc. ) and corresponding software for inputting digital part programs, and completing the storage of input information, data conversion, interpolation and various control functions.

     3. Driving device, which is the driving part of the executing mechanism of NC machine tool, including spindle driving unit, feeding unit, spindle motor and feeding motor, etc.  Under the control of numerical control device, he realizes spindle and feed drive through electric or electro-hydraulic servo system.  When several feeds are linked, positioning, straight line, plane curve and space curve can be finished.

     4, auxiliary device, refers to some necessary supporting parts of the numerical control machine tool, to ensure the operation of the numerical control machine tool, such as cooling, chip removal, lubrication, lighting, monitoring, etc.  It includes hydraulic and pneumatic devices, chip removal devices, exchange tables, numerical control rotary tables and numerical control indexing heads, as well as cutting tools and monitoring and detecting devices.

     5. Programming and other accessory equipment can be used to program and store parts outside the machine.

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